Tormenta Subtropical / TROPICAL «Cari»

BIENVENIDA Subtropical/TROPICAL Storm Cari a las costas del Este de Brasil….

Cari WEB 20150311

Si bien ahora se encuentra más debilitado, la estimación de satélite (tnúmeros) la pone como depresión tropical… A la mañana CARI tuvo gran convección y se llegaron a estimar vientos de hasta 40 nudos…
NO SE QUIEN MIERDA le puso CARI… pero BIENVENIDA! akjajajajajaja

más data aca:
A rare subtropical storm, with characteristics of both a tropical and a non-tropical system, has formed in the South Atlantic waters off the coast of Brazil, according to the 8 am EDT March 11, 2015 analysis by the Navy Hydrographic Center in Brazil. The storm has top wind speeds near 45 mph, according to an 3:40 pm EDT Tuesday pass from the Rapidscat instrument on the International Space Station. The surface pressure was near 1000 mb, and a modest amount of heavy thunderstorm activity was firing up near the center of circulation, and a more substantial amount on its southeast side, in a band well removed from the circulation center. Sea surface temperatures are near 27°C, which is about 0.5°C above average, and 1°C above what is typically needed to support a tropical storm. Phase space diagrams from Florida State show the storm has a weak warm core at low levels which should get better defined through Thursday morning, but by Thursday evening the storm will begin losing its tropical characteristics as wind shear increases and Cari moves to the southeast, away from Brazil, over cooler waters. It is unlikely the storm has time to become fully tropical, and Cari is not a threat to make landfall.

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